According to Articles 43 and 48 of the Law on Fund Management Companies and on investment funds (Official Gazette
of Federation of BiH No.  41/98,  36/99,  36/00,  27/02,  44/02, 50/03,   70/04), Article 10 of the Rule Book on Mutual Funds (Official Gazette of Federation of BiH No. 15/07), the Decision made by the Securities Commission in FBiH No. 05-19-74/08 date 14.02.2008 and according to  the Decision made by the Supervisory Board of the Fund Management Company No. 58-II-1/08 dated 07.02.2008, the "EUROHAUS INVEST" Fund Management Company announces the following:


Before any investment it is necessary for you to know your wishes and goals. Goals of investment may be increase of property value, stability of returns from investments, saving the property value. The fact is that there is no investment that can fulfill all these goals at the same time. Thus, during selection of sorts of investment you should select the one that is closest to your defined goals.

If you wish to invest and you don’t have time for constant examination of financial markets or you don’t have enough experience in it, if you wish the possibility of return higher than deposits with banks and you are not inclined to high risk willing to have your money to be at your disposal always, invest in the  "EUROHAUS BALANCED" Mutual Fund.

Before you make decision on investment into units of the "EUROHAUS BALANCED" Mutual Fund,  all concerned persons are asked to read the Prospectus of  investment coupon and the Rules on managing the "EUROHAUS BALANCED" Mutual Fund in order to be informed on advantages and risks followed by  investment into the "EUROHAUS BALANCED" Mutual Fund and in order to, as a well-informed investor, bring correct and smart decision on your investing.

Management Rules, Prospectus of investment coupon, as well as all needed forms of the "EUROHAUS BALANCED" Mutual Fund are available to all interested persons, for free in the headquarters of the "EUROHAUS INVEST" d.o.o. Sarajevo", from Monday to Friday, 8:00 - 16:00 hrs, with the Fund Depository Bank and with all persons authorized to sell the Fund investment coupons, during working hours; the mentioned documents and forms are available at the following web page of the Company:


Name of mutual fund: Uzajamni fond "EUROHAUS BALANCED"
Fund name in English:"EUROHAUS BALANCED" Mutual Fund

Legal shape of the fund
"EUROHAUS BALANCED" Mutual Fund is open investment fund with public offer that was established, on the basis of the Decision made by Supervisory Board No. 58-II-1/08 dated 07.02.2008 and with approval of the Securities Commission of FBiH No.05-19-74/08 dated 14.02.2008, by the "EUROHAUS INVEST" d.o.o./L.t.d. Sarajevo Fund Management Company, for indefinite time period.
Management Company established the Fund exclusively for collection of  financial means by public offer of a unit and by investment of collected money, according to provisions of the Law on fund management companies and investment funds, by-laws of the Commission, Management rules and Prospectus of the Fund investment coupon into financial instruments at domestic markets of capital and money.

Fund property is divided in equal parts – units. Number and value of units is shown by four decimal digits. Purchasing a Fund unit, the investor gains an investment coupon. Investment coupon represents a document on ownership of one or more Fund units, it has inscripted the name of the owner and it is not transferable through legal activities among the alive. The investor may buy or sell the investment coupon any time – he may charge the Company. Fund investment coupons and ownership over them are registered with the Securities Register of FBiH.

Fund property belongs to the investors into Fund proportionally to the size of their units in the Fund and is totally separated from the property of the Company managing the Fund.
Fund is managed by the "EUROHAUS INVEST" d.o.o./Ltd. Sarajevo Fund Management Company, in its own name, and exclusively for the account of the owner of the Fund investment coupon.

The Fund has been established by payment of units contained in the Fund investment coupons to the amount of at least 1.000.000,00 BAM (one million convertible Bosnian marks).

Initial unit price – Initial unit value
Initial unit value  before the Fund establishment is 10,00 BAM (ten convertible Bosnian marks).

Upon the Fund establishment, purchase and redemption of units are made according to the unit value valid on the date of payment received by the Fund for purchase of units, i.e. on the date of submission of request for redemption of a Fund unit if the money came due at the account, i.e. request for redemption received before 14:00 hrs in the same day.

Period of initial public offer
Before the Fund establishment, unit payment period is 30 days.

Unit payments start from 05.03.2008 and last up to 03.04.2008.

The Company retains its right to shorten the period of initial public offer even before termination of the stated period, when it is established, on the basis of the report made by the Depositor, that the payments of at least 1.000.000,00 BAM net came due at the Fund account, respecting the Law on the fund management companies and on investment funds with limitation that single payment may not be higher than  5 % (five per cent) of totally paid funds.

Management of paid funds before establishment of the Fund
During the initial offer period, total amount of paid funds is to be kept as a deposit at the Fund account.
The Fund funds may be at disposal of the Company on the basis of the Decision made by the Securities Commission of FBH defining successfulness of the public offer of the Fund unit.
In case of failure of public offer, the Depositor is obliged to return the investors paid funds not later than 15 days from the date of obtaining the Decision made by the Commission establishing the failure of public offer. Investors will not be charged for entrance i.e. exit fee on payments or disbursements due to failure of obtaining of legally prescribed lowest Fund amount.

Successfulness of public offer
Public offer shall be considered successful if certain financial amount comes due to the Fund account for purchase of a unit totaling at least  1.000.000,00 BAM (one million convertible marks), respecting legal limitation that single payment or payment of related persons does not exceed  5% of totally paid funds.

"EUROHAUS BALANCED" Mutual Fund is considered established on the date of obtaining of decision made by the Securities Commission of FBH defining successfulness of public offer of units contained in investment coupons; then the Fund will start with investment policy, preparation of new requests for purchase and payment into the Fund made by existing and possible future investors.

Preliminary estimate of first payments in the Fund units is to be made on first working day after fulfillment of conditions necessary for the Fund establishment.

Currency of payments and reimbursements
Fund units may be paid/reimbursed only in cash.
All payments and reimbursements into/from the Fund are to be made in BAMs.

Right to payment
Right to payment of the Fund unit is owned by individuals and companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as foreign individuals and foreign companies.

Rights arising from the Fund investment coupon
Paying the Fund unit, the investor gains the Fund investment coupon and the following rights:
- proportional participation in net value of the Fund and reimbursements of proportional part of liquidation mass in case of the Fund liquidation;
- the Company must redeem and reimburse the investment coupon to the investor at his own request and at any moment;
-to resign from the Fund by return of the investment coupon
- to be informed according to current regulations.

Admission to the Fund and purchase of unit
The Party gets the right to purchase the Fund unit upon performed admission to the Fund.
Admission to the Fund is performed by the party in the way that he/she duly fills in and signs the request for purchase of the Fund unit of the " EUROHAUS BALANCED" Mutual Fund and, upon legally obliged identification procedure, and hands it to an authorized person at a sales office.
Signing and submitting the request for purchase of the Fund unit, the party simultaneously signs statement on acceptance of the Management Rules and the Prospectus of the Fund investment coupon and gains the right to purchase the Fund unit.

Admission to the Fund is performed in the premises of the "EUROHAUS INVEST" d.o.o. Sarajevo Fund Management Company on every working day from 8:00 to 17:00 hrs, or at one of the following authorized sales offices during its working hours:

Branch Offices of the  "EUROHAUS" d.o.o. Sarajevo brokerage house:
Branch Offices of the UniCredit Bank d.d.Mostar
Headquarters of the  "EUROHAUS INVEST" d.o.o. Sarajevo Fund Management Company

Information on working hours of authorized sales offices for purchase of the Fund unit is shown at the following web page:

For the purpose of obligatory identification, it is necessary for the party to have the following documentation:

For individuals:
- valid personal document,
- No. of transaction account.

For companies:
- Statement on registration from the Court Register,
- ID No. of the company,
- No. of transaction account of the company,
- seal of the company,
- personal document of legal agent.

For minors, legal agent fills in and submits the request for purchase of a unit, obliged to enclose the evidence on the right to represent the minor, birth certificate or corresponding certificate issued by authorized Social Care Center.

Request for purchase of unit should be filled in by investor only before the first payment into the Fund. All future purchases of the Fund units should be carried out by payment of funds into the Fund account.

Purchase of the Fund unit is to be carried out exclusively by payments of fund into the Fund account No. 3389002211510576 with UniCredit Bank d.d. Mostar, while the non-residents, foreign individuals and foreign companies settled abroad may purchase units by payments into the Fund account available at the following web page:

Payments may be carried out in all organizations authorized for financial operations  (banks, post offices....), whether cash or non-cash.

Limitations of purchase
Minimal deposit into the Fund is 200,00 BAM (two hundred Bosnian convertible marks).
An individual or a company may not be, directly or indirectly, the owner of more than 5 % of total number of the Fund units.

Unit redemption
The owner of the Fund investment coupon may, at any time, submit a request for partly or total sale of units contained in the Fund investment coupon. The Request is to be submitted to the Company, in the Company Headquarters, on working days from 8:00 to 17:00 hrs through the Depositor or through authorized sales offices within their working hours.

The value of redeemed unit will be the unit value valid on the date of receipt of the request, provided that it was received before 14:00 hrs on that working day.  Regarding requests received after 14:00 hrs during that working day, unit value for next settlement day in relation to the date of submission of request for unit redemption will be respected.

Goals of the Fund investment policy
Main goal of the Fund investment policy is realization of attractive returns with acceptable risk.

Fund Management Company is going to manage active investment policy in the way of constant follow up of harmonization of portfolio of the Fund in respect to the following:
- Profit from certain economic branches;
- Liquidity of investment from the Fund property;
- Size and structure of enterprise.
The Company intends to realize high returns from investments for long time period (three years or more) through capital gains, dividends, interests and other sorts of gains based on investments and with adequate risk defined by the Fund investment strategy.

Fund investment strategy
Fund collected from investors will be invested by the Fund in diversified portfolio of securities and other financial instruments according to the Law on fund management companies and investment funds, Management Rules and Prospectus of the Fund investment coupons considered safe, printable and liquid by the Fund Management Company.

The Fund will invest in securities officially assigned for sale at stock markets or other organized markets in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In case of change within legal limitations, the Fund will invest into foreign financial markets, too.

Fund investment policy will be managed for the purpose of obtaining of the following proportions in the Fund property structure:
- shares of domestic and foreign issuers of at least 50% of the Fund portfolio;
- shares or units of the investment funds of up to 10% of the Fund portfolio – in its portfolio, the Fund must not have shares or units of the investment fund managed by the Company;
- cash deposits at financial institutions of up to 50% of the Fund portfolio, depending on availability at financial markets in BiH;
- bonds (municipal bonds and state bonds) traded with at stock market and at other organized securities markets, whose issuers are the state of BIH, FBIH, RS, cantons, towns and municipalities of up to 50% of the Fund property, out of which most of 25% of the Fund portfolio into bonds of a single issue.
Investment in corporative bonds of domestic and foreign issuers traded with at stock market and other organized securities markets may not exceed 20% of the Fund portfolio.
Investment in short-term state securities and corporative securities (cashier, treasure and commercial statements) traded with mainly at organized stock markets and issued in BIH, FBIH, RS, cantons, towns and municipalities in BIH, may not exceed 20% of the Fund portfolio.
Investing in concrete securities, the Company may purchase registered financial instruments (derivatives – optional and term operations and similar instruments) with which the trade is performed at organized stock market, may not exceed 5% of the Fund portfolio,

Stated proportions in the Fund investment structure are approximate, real proportions of certain shapes of financial property, accompanied by respect of legal limitations, will depend on trade conditions.
Selected Fund investment strategy  – mainly investment in shares (at least 50%) characterizes the Fund as a balanced share fund bearing the risk higher than the risk of investment in cash fund or bond fund but lower risk than the risk of pure share fund.

Profit of the Fund
Total net profit of the Fund based on dividends, interests and similar revenues, is to be reinvested in the Fund in the way that the Fund property value is daily added, reflecting the increase of declared unit value.
Total net Fund profit is reimbursed to the owners of investment coupon during reimbursement of redemption value of a Fund unit.

Costs of investment in Fund
Entrance fee, exit fee and other fees
During purchase/sale of the Fund unit, investor is charged for entrance/exit fee:
entrance fee is calculated and deducted from total amount of funds paid by the investor. Highest entrance fee is 3% and lower depending on amount of funds paid into the Fund; exit fee is calculated and deducted during reimbursement from total redemption/sales unit value. Amount of exit fee depends on duration of period of investment into the Fund; the highest exit fee is 2%. As for withdrawal of funds from the Fund, upon termination of three year period, investor will not be charged the exit fee.
The investor is charged other fees in fixes amount. As for other services not defined by the Law but provided to the investor by the Fund Management Company on the basis of the request submitted by postal service or at a sales office, level of stated fees are defined in paragraph 7.1. of the Prospectus of the Fund investment coupon.

Management commission
Management Company compensates costs of the Fund management from the Fund property. Annual management commission is 2% of average annual net value of the Fund property.

Compensation for management costs
Management Company compensates the Fund management costs from the Fund property. Management costs are accepted on the level of real costs and in the structure defined by the Fund Management Rules (para 3.2.3).

Total Fund costs
"EUROHAUS INVEST" d.o.o. Sarajevo Fund Management Company will announce annually, for each previous year, at its web page, the data on total Fund costs, in the shape of the TER, and in the "EUROHAUS INVEST" HQ the investors will be able to have insight in total amount and structure of costs debt with the Fund property.

Basic risks of investments into the Fund
Investing into the Fund, the investors accept certain risks affecting unsatisfied or negative return from the investment in the Fund. In order to decrease the risk, investors are proposed to have long-term admittance to investment.
Basic sorts of risks regarding investments in the Fund may be listed as follows:
- market risk;
- interest rate risk; liquidity risk;
- currency risk;
- economic risk;
- risk of change of tax regulations.
Detailed review of risk of investment in the Fund is shown in para 14. of the Prospectus of investment coupon.

Report on the Fund business-running
Intending to inform the public and the owners of the Fund investment coupons on business-running of the Fund, the Company will make all obligatory announcements within legally regulated terms  and in the way regulated by the Law and other by-laws.

The Company will daily and in public announce the data on the Fund unit value on the following web page: as well as on the bulletin board in the Company premises.

According to the Law and the Rules defined by the Commission, the Company will submit the Commission and the Depositor a revised annual Fund reports not later than four months upon the end of business year and periodic reports not later than thirty days upon the termination of the period for which the report was made. The Company will prepare the mentioned reports and submit them to  the commission and to the Depositor as regulated by the Law and the Fund Management Rules, and the owners of the investment coupons will be submitted the reports in writing and upon their request with real delivery costs charged.

The Company will publish the stated reports on its web page and on the bulletin board in the premises of the Company; obligatory notices in at least one daily newspaper published on the territory of FBiH will be  published by the Company not later than next working day upon notice made on its web page.

Additional information on activities of the Fund and the Fund Management Company will be available to the investors and to the public in the premises of the Company or at the following web page:

Name and headquarters
Company name:     "EUROHAUS INVEST" Društvo za upravljanje 
                                              fondovima d.o.o. Sarajevo
Abbreviated name:                      "EUROHAUS INVEST" d.o.o. Sarajevo
Company name in English:"EUROHAUS INVEST"  Management Company Headquarters:         16,  Azize Šaćirbegović Street,  71000 Sarajevo

Legal form of the Company
"EUROHAUS INVEST" d.o.o. Sarajevo company is organized as a commercial company with limited liability.

Founders of the Company:                                                
Single units of the founders in core capital of the Company

"Avaz" d.o.o. Sarajevo printing and publishing company
200.000.00 BAM   (20.00%)
Zijad (son of Osman) Blekić, settled in Sarajevo                                             150.000,00 BAM   (15,00%)
Boriša (son of Milenko) Šotra, settled in Podgorica                                           150.000,00 BAM   (15,00%)
Suad (son of Šefket) Kurtćehajić, settled in Sarajevo                                      100.000,00 BAM   (10,00%)
WVP d.o.o. Sarajevo Mediation and Representation Company                  
100.000,00 BAM   (10,00%)
"SA Investment" d.o.o. Sarajevo Consulting and Investment Company
75.000,00 BAM    (7,50 %)
"Euroinvest" a.d. Podgorica Management Company                                      75.000,00 BAM    (7,50 %)
Mirsad (son of Mujo ) Čugum,  settled in Sarajevo                                       50.000,00 BAM    (5,00%)
Mešan (son of Mahmut) Pehilj, settled in Poreč,                                         50.000,00 BAM    ( 5,00%)
Faruk (son of Seid) Brkanić, settled in Sarajevo                                          25.000,00 BAM    ( 2,50%)
Ibrahim (son of Seid ) Brkanić, settled in Sarajevo                                       25.000,00 BAM    ( 2,50%)

TOTAL:                                                                                                    1.000.000,00 BAM

Activity of the Company is mediation in securities operation in accordance with provisions of the Law.

On the basis of the Decision made by the Securities Commission of FBiH No.  03/2-19-19/08 dated 24. 01.2008, the Company was registered in the Register of Issuers under No. 04-14-3326 and on the basis of the Decision made by the Court on 31.12.2007 it was registered in the Court Register under No 065-0-Reg-07-003614.
Amount of core capital of the Company registered and paid in the Court Register is 1.000.000 BAM (ONE MILLION CONVERTIBLE Bosnian marks).

Supervisory Board
Supervisory Board of the Company is composed of the following persons:

Adnan Terzić, graduated geodesist - president
Šaban Bajro, graduated economist  – member
Kasim Mujan, graduated economist  – member

Manager of the Company
Armin Mulahusić, graduated economist

Securities Commission of Federation of BiH
Securities Commission of FBiH settled in Sarajevo, 9 Čemaluša Street is in charge for monitoring of harmonization of business-running of the Company and the Fund with legal regulations and other by-laws.

Securities Register in Federation of BiH
Securities Register in Federation of BiH settled in 62/II Maršala Tita Street in Sarajevo is in charge to establish and manage the Registry Book of owners of investment coupons.

Bank Depositor of the Fund
UniCredit Bank d.d. Mostar, Kardinala Stepinca Street
Manager of the company: Armin Mulahusić, graduated economist
External auditor of the Fund: "REV-HANI" d.o.o. Sarajevo

Detailed information may be obtained through contacts with the Company on working days from 08:00 to 17:00 hrs in the following ways:

- by phone: +387  33 726  240
- by fax: + 387 33 726 245
- on web page:
- by e-mail:

Manager of the Company

Armin Mulahusić, graduated economist

Value and change value of unit share in Eurohaus Balanced
Date: 2014-12-17
Value: 7,6999 KM
Daily Changes: 0,04 %
SASE Indexes 24.08.2012
Symbol Value Change Graph
BIFX 1428.92 10737417.93%
SASX-10 684.05 0.15%
SASX-30 888.65 0.11%
BLSE Indexes 24.08.2012
Symbol Value Change Graph
BIRS 816.25 10737418.05%
FIRS 1693.07 10737417.76%
ERS10 782.14 0.63%
GIRS 913.36 0%
MIRS 797.86 0%
RS FIN 991.54 0.97%